“Most discussions of decision making assume that only senior executives make decisions or that only senior executives’ decisions matter. This is a dangerous mistake.”

Decision Making

We all make hundreds of decisions every day, many of them with little or no conscious thought.  Some of us have to make decisions that are likely to have longer term and financial consequences.  In many organisations decisions get bogged down in ‘analysis paralysis’.

Do you use a process or method to improve the likelihood that your decisions achieve the desired outcomes?  Do you have a process that helps you understand how and what to decide and how to implement?  A process that helps you to identify and assess the options available to you, to explore how these might work in practice, what they might mean for you and your business or organisation?

It’s important to commit to decisions, to do whatever we can to follow them through and monitor and adapt as necessary but it helps to know that we have at least considered our options beforehand and paid attention to the process of deciding.

We draw from a range of research, evidence and ideas on decision making and combine these with our own practical experience to design and deliver workshops that can help to improve the decision making processes within a business or organisation.  The workshops provide participants with an approach to decision making that helps them to take steps to explore options, seek and evaluate information and understand the part emotions play in the decision making process.

If you feel that your organisation might benefit from a fresh approach to important decisions we would love to hear from you.



Are you keen to see your business or organisation grow? We can help you.

Our approach is straightforward. We learn what you want to achieve, where you think the challenges and opportunities are and support you as you explore options, make choices and implement necessary changes. We will ask tough questions when necessary and help you work through your options as the business grows and develops.


Do you know how to create and claim value? How to identify what others really want?

Many of us negotiate on a daily basis, within our organisations or externally. We have found that many clients have never learned how to approach negotiations in a way that can increase the likelihood of better outcomes for all concerned. We help clients to become more effective negotiators, both in the the UK and in  international markets


Imagine working in an organisation where everyone’s potential as a leader is recognised, encouraged and supported.

We can help you to unlock the potential in all your people, to free their energy and creativity. 

We offer The Leadership Challenge®, widely regarded as one of the world’s most practical leadership development models.  It has helped thousands of organisations to develop and improve and can help yours too.


It’s easy to say it and yet much harder to define. It’s even harder to do well. Strategy requires choices: what an organisation will and won’t do. It needs leaders to prioritise.

Can you clearly state what your organisation’s strategy is and how you will achieve it?

We use a proven methodology that our clients have found accessible and effective to help them explore their options and create a strategy that delivers.


We are sometimes asked if we are Ecleqtiq by name and eclectic by nature.

Our areas of focus are interconnected. We believe a sound strategy is of little use without great implementation. Great implementation needs inspiring leadership, excellent decision making and negotiating skills and committed, supported and motivated people. With a lot of hard work and perhaps a little luck we’re all capable of extraordinary things.


We believe leadership coaching makes a difference to those who experience it.

We offer qualified coaching using the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI), one of the most widely used leadership assessment tools in the world.

Using the LPI you can learn how to focus on the behaviours that make a difference to individual and organisational performance and to create a plan for successful self-improvement.